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Solar Panel Maintenance Service

Micro Energy Holding Sdn Bhd is Malaysia’s one-stop company for anything regarding the maintenance of solar panels. We take pride in our superior skill and dedication to client satisfaction as the top provider of solar panel maintenance services in the country. Micro Energy Holding Sdn Bhd knows the value of solar panel maintenance to maintain optimal performance and longevity. We offer an extensive range of solar PV system maintenance services, including routine cleaning, inspection, and repair, to assist you in keeping your panels in good working order.

The cost of solar panel maintenance in Malaysia is one of the most significant factors many people consider when it comes to solar panels. We offer the best solar panel maintenance services in Malaysia since we know that our clients want affordable prices.

Services We Offer


Solar Panel System Cleaning


Solar panel systems must be cleaned to increase the system’s energy output. Depending on how much dirt accumulates, the process repeats as often as necessary. Typically, it takes place once a year. We suggest at least twice a year for places that tend to gather more dust and debris. We offer the best solar panel cleaning services to keep the system operating at peak efficiency.


Solar Panel System Performance Monitoring


We are able to monitor and track the quantity of energy your panels create on any given day, as well as how much they produce over the month and a year, by integrating the monitoring system into the solar PV system. As a result of the monitoring system, we will be able to precisely pinpoint the different outside elements that have an impact on your panels’ performance and how well they maintain their efficiency over time, as well as carry out any necessary corrective and preventive maintenance. If the panel has a problem, the monitoring system will also let us know so we can fix or replace it immediately.


Preventive Maintenance


Inspecting the Solar PV System for signs of degradation, cracks, chipping, leaks, fogged glass, and discolouration and using thermal imaging to find hotspots and PID effects are just a few of the tasks that fall under our scope of preventive maintenance. In addition, we check for corrosion, physical damage, excessive noise, symptoms of malfunction, and overheating of cables and connections to PV inverters.


Why People Choose Micro Energy Holding?

  • 100% Defect-Free Assurance

In every installation, we aim for perfection. You won’t be charged anything to have a fault repaired or replaced by us.

  • Excellent Service

We have the most 5-star reviews on Google because of our knowledgeable solar experts, qualified engineers, and committed customer experience staff.

  • On-Time Service

We respect your time and money. Our team works to minimize any disruptions to your energy output by doing maintenance and repairs promptly.


How Often Do Solar Panel Systems Require Maintenance?


At Micro Energy Holding Sdn Bhd, we place a high priority on your solar panel system’s sustained performance. In accordance with the requirements of your solar pv system, we advise you to perform a comprehensive maintenance routine.

While annual maintenance assures complete cleaning, electrical checks, and performance testing, routine inspections every six months help discover problems early. We advise every two to three years for more comprehensive assessments. Our specialized strategies optimize energy production and increase the longevity of your system.


How to Know If Your Solar System Needs Maintenance?

  • Drop in Energy Output: Suddenly, less electricity is produced.
  • Panel Dirt or Shade: Panels that have accumulated trash or shading.
  • Visible Panel Damage: Panel cracks, stains, or physical harm.
  • Inverter Problems: Issues with the Inverter that affect how efficiently energy is converted.
  • Unusual Sounds: The system is making odd noises.
  • Anomalies in Monitoring Data: Unusual or inconsistent monitoring readings.
  • Flud Leakage: Leaks or the presence of fluids surrounding panels.
  • Overheating Signs: Overheated wires or components.