Solar Panel Installation in Malaysia by Expert Installers

Solar Panel Installation in Malaysia

Micro Energy Holding Sdn Bhd is the leading solar panel installation company. Our area of expertise is the installation of solar panels, which allow people to generate clean, renewable energy while reducing their carbon footprint and electricity costs. Our team provides excellent solar panel installation services tailored to the individual requirements of each of our customers.


Since every home and homeowner is different, we work with our clients to design and install solar panel systems that are reliable, efficient, and affordable. Connect with our team if you wish to install solar panels on your property. Our team has years of expertise in planning residential and commercial solar panel installation in Malaysia and is committed to assisting properties get the benefits of solar energy.

Why Professionals Should Install Solar Panels?

Solar panel installation is a difficult task requiring specific knowledge and experience. To ensure ideal panel placement, effective wiring, and smooth integration with your property’s electrical system, professionals give technical proficiency and experience. Their expertise reduces the possibility of costly mistakes, increases energy production, and guarantees adherence to local laws.

With experts, you can have confidence that your solar investment will fulfil its potential and result in long-term energy savings and environmental advantages. Don’t compromise the performance and quality of your solar installation; instead, let qualified Solar Installer in Malaysia experts complete it with accuracy and care.


Our Services


Residential Solar Installation

Use renewable, clean energy to power your home. Our residential solar solutions can help you escape the rising cost of electricity since they are made specifically for your energy requirements and property needs.

Commercial Solar Installation

Our complete commercial solar solutions are available to businesses across Malaysia. We assist you in finding cost reductions for commercial and industrial buildings while showcasing your dedication to sustainable practices.


Why Micro Energy is Right for You?

  • Seamless Installation: Our installation procedure combines engineering and meticulous craftsmanship.Our specialists make sure that your solar panels are attractive, correctly situated on your property for optimal exposure to sunlight, and seamlessly integrated into its aesthetics.
  • Customized Solar Solutions: We understand that every project is unique. We offer customized solar solutions designed to meet both your specific energy requirements and budget. For the most affordable and effective solar panel and system options, our specialists evaluate your site.
  • Expertise: We are highly qualified and experienced in solar technology due to our years of experience in renewable energy. In order to provide a seamless process, our team of solar installer in Malaysia is prepared to guide you through each step of the solar installation process.

Our Solar Installation Process


Request for On-Site Assessment

Our experts will come to your house or place of business to evaluate your needs and give suggestions for the best solar system based on those needs and your budget.

Solar Panel Installation

Our team of experts will ensure that your new solar system is operational and working. Micro Energy Holding Sdn Bhd provide the hassle-free solar panel installation in Malaysia.

Start Saving on Your Bills

After the installation is complete, you may start saving money on your electricity costs. Decide what you can do with the money you will save on your bills and then start planning your activities.