MicroEnergy Solar Solution

Solar Turnkey Solution

Self-Consumption or Natural Consumption is a situation where the consumers decides to use Solar PV panel to generate their required energy for their own usage. The idea is to be self-sustainable without depending or only party depending on TNB grid power supply. Calculations has proven that over a period of time savings from electricity bill will result in huge savings thus complements to productivity and profits.

Our modus operandi is to ever ensure and detailed so that our customer experience with us is problem-free. As such periodical updates and reports are our standard operating procedure (SOP) with each of our clients.

Project Management Consultancy

Our technical, project management, financial and consultancy teams offer a combined experience of efficiency and quality deliverables in their own respective and collective contributions to your project. Feasibility reports and Detailed Project Report (DPR), Preliminary Engineering works and Tendering process implementation plus support during end installations with other relevant activities are within our scope of Project Management Consultancy.

Engineering Consultancy

Practical and feasible working solutions in Engineering are crucial in fulfilling your needs related to Solar. Any solar project is unique and will need customisation. The experiences, skills, expertise and quality are all within our more than capable Engineering team and along with our relevant international partners, our consultancy is credible and reliable for success.

Solar Finance

We assist in coordinating financial support for our Solar PV projects and we facilitate bank loans for small residential or commercial projects. We have access to investors for larger industrial projects.

Operations and Maintenance

As solar projects are mostly long term with huge investments and returns, solar plant components require clockwork and quality supervision and maintenance. This can ensure lasting and good conditions for equipment as well as the whole solar plant longevity. Thus, it is our assurance to generate optimum returns by servicing our projects with the best operations and maintenance team.

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